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Videam is the collaboration fashion design company founded by Victoria Kim and Ashley Morse. Our new ChromaTex™ technology takes innovation, color, and design to the next level in fashion.

ChromaTex is a digital way to personalize the color of your clothing. ChromaTex™ is the first fabric to be constructed of "electrochromic" polymers- a flexible material that changes color when an electric charge is applied to it.


On the initial visit the customer receives a consultation with one of our apparel consultants and a body scan for 100% customization of garment fit. At this time Videam starts a client file in which all measurements, preferences, and communication with the individual is stored. When the client receives their custom made ChromaTex™ garment they also receive software that has the ability to utilize their computer or phone camera to scan their skin tone and combine that with other factors including the weather of their location, the current Pantone color report, and their preference to create color choices so that garment that complements the skin tone. Each garment comes to the customer in a neutral tone and is woven with Electrochromic polymers that can change to any color when given the right charge through its ChromaTex™ tag. Once the individual’s skin tone is scanned, and the software collaborates with the other factors to produce color choices.

NYC Flagship store interior


Tokyo Store

The wearer of the garment chooses the color that they want for the day and attaches the receiver strip (the garments tag) to a cord that connects to a computer or phone so that it can receive the charge and the garment changes colors.
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Create: With Videam's technology, the design possibilities are endless!
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